2016 Nearby Nature Photo Contest Winners

  • Edward Episcopo, Osprey Catches Shad. 1st place adult

Thanks to all who submitted photos to our 3rd Annual Nearby Nature Photo Contest. We are thrilled by all these beautiful images! The contest featured two categories and separate judging for adults and youth. You can also see a Google Gallery of these winners as well as finalists.

The adult winners are:

The Land and Water Around Us:
1st:  Edward Episcopo, Osprey Catches Shad
2nd: Leslie Gelman, Four Frolicking Frogs
3rd: Christopher Berry, The Road
3rd: Brian Smith, Three Young Foxes at their Den
People Enjoying Nature
1st: Sherry Parker, Autumn Wonder
2nd: Michelle Payne Long, Fisherman Sunrise
3rd: Christina Chantharavongsa, Sunset Tranquility

The youth winners are:

The Land and Water Around Us
1st: Katherine Du, Spider Web After Light Rain 
2nd: Abigail Deering, Pumpkin Hunting

People Enjoying Nature
1st:  Megan Kresse, Old Dominion Refuge
2nd: Dallas Hughes, Wet Socks


Special Thanks to our judges (click here to see more)
  • Kevin Ambrose, the author of several weather-related books, and writes and photographs for the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang blog.
  • Ray Foote, executive vice president of the National Forest Foundation, and on advisory board of Scenic Virginia.
  • Susan Taylor-Schran, retired from a career in fine art documentation, with expertise in traditional and digital darkroom work.
  • Wiliam Schran, professor emeritus of fine arts at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus, and ceramicist and author.
  • Bob Wick, wilderness specialist for the Bureau of Land Management and stationed in Sacramento, CA. He services as BLM’s unofficial landscape photographer.


Prize donors

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