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Landowners are the most important part of NVCT. We wouldn't even be in business if it weren't for these dedicated conservationists who voluntarily give up development rights on their land and empower NVCT to preserve their property for generations to come. And each landowner we work with has a compelling story all their own. Below you will find a collection of inspiring "landowner stories." Please take a moment to read why NVCT is saving nearby nature and why you should join us! Just click a story to get going.






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Landowners Go here...

If you are a landowner who wants to begin saving nearby nature please click here to learn more.Read More

Help Save Nearby Nature

If you feel like trails, streams, parks and local nature are an important part of Northern Virginia. Please make sure to consider giving to NVCT. Donate Today

Our Story

Take a minute to read how our founder, Richard Bliss, started the best Land Trust in Northern Virginia.   Read More
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