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What the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust does is unique in this area-it preserves and protects properties which are historically and environmentally significant. Helping NVCT do its fine work in this region of Virginia, which I'm proud to call home, is an important part of my annual giving -- Roger Mudd

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NVCT is proud to offer a brand new list of memberships for supporters who want a little bit more involvement and ownership in the organization. Click here.


By chosing to Donate Now (click) you are providing NVCT "NOW" with the resources necessary to accomplish saving nearby nature. To Download our mail-in form please click here.

Campaign Codes: United Way - 8933, CFC - 61757, CVC - 8040


The Great Blue Heron Club (click) is a collection of people who want to make sure the mission of NVCT is secure financially by committing to a membership of $1,000 every fiscal year (July 1-June 30).


Planned giving can mean lots of things to people. For NVCT, it means people who want to be connected to NVCT all through the year. Whether it is by giving once a month, providing a NVCT a donation of land in their will, or making a Charitable Trust that benefits NVCT. All of these examples are ways for you to have a stronger connection with NVCT and the work we do together.

Monthly Pledges

Lily Ruckstuhl Society

To donate or bequest your land to NVCT is providing more than just nearby nature, but a legacy NVCT plans to live out in your name. Our mission to protect nearby nature is only enhanced by those few who choose not only to save their land, but give it all to their community. Learn more on how to join the Lily Ruckstuhl Society.

Trusts (coming soon)







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If you feel like trails, streams, parks and local nature are an important part of Northern Virginia. Please make sure to consider giving to NVCT. Donate Today

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Take a minute to read how our founder, Richard Bliss, started the best Land Trust in Northern Virginia.   Read More
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